Daycare in New Brunswick

Whether you’re struggling with the idea of sending your child to daycare or have no other choice because of work, daycare is a great opportunity that will provide your toddler with amazing benefits and skills that they will carry through life.

Kidstart Learning Center is one of New Brunswick’s leading daycare centers because we take our jobs to heart. Our main goal is to provide kids with the opportunity to learn and grow in a fun and entertaining way. If you’re worried about leaving your child for the first time, it’s completely normal and understandable, but you can rest easy knowing that you are giving your child the skills they will need to excel in elementary school. Not to mention, they will be left in capable, caring hands!

Daycare Improves Behavior and Cognitive Skills

As a parent, you are probably already aware that ages one to three are the most important in terms of your child’s developmental skills. Daycare will give your child an early start, and allow them to learn socialization skills so that when they do enter kindergarten, they will be prepared instead of shocked by the sudden routine and lifestyle change. Our team is trained in early childhood education and have many years of experience in the field. Your child will feel like they spent the whole day playing and having fun, while they were in fact learning the entire time!

Kidstart Learning Center will show your preschooler how to play with others, follow directions and even help them learn the alphabet. This way, when they enter elementary school they will be way ahead of the pack.

Enjoy Some Alone Time
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Preschoolers are a handful and it can be nearly impossible to get a few minutes to yourself when you’re a parent. Treat yourself so some much-needed R&R and register your child to our daycare program. Our schedules are very flexible and you can even sign your child up for part-time care, which is what we often recommend. This way you’re easing them into school and the process will be less shocking when they are finally ready to enter kindergarten.

Safe and Secure

If this is your first time sending your child off to daycare, it’s okay to feel a bit worried, anxious or even guilty. Just know that by registering your preschooler to New Brunswick’s Kidstart Learning Center, you are providing them with priceless experiences that will help develop them into fully functional little students. We will work with them and allow them to learn on their own through practice and understanding. We will teach them socialization, sharing, patience and other life lessons that are harder to learn at home, especially if the child does not have siblings.

Affordable Prices

Kidstart Learning Center’s main goal is to provide quality early childhood education for parents in the New Brunswick area with preschoolers and toddlers. We offer competitive rates, flexible schedules and an experienced staff who absolutely love their jobs! For more information, please call us today!